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The Writing Unit conducts training in written editorial content across the following platforms: newspapers, magazines, online, and mobile. The Unit offers short course skills training on Core, Advanced, Beat and Masters levels. Drawing on top journalism expertise, it offers consulting services and tailored solutions for clients, including training onsite and at the IAJ offices.

Running days 3


Past Student Comments:

Amazing facilitator!

Really good! Gus is passionate about writing and this comes through in the course.

Gus Silber is knowledgeable approachable and a wonderful teacher (with great stories)

Best facilitator I’ve ever met! I learned a lot from him. Would have to attend another course facilitated by him

He is great and it feels good to be taught by someone who has background in your field of study. In his case all of us were satisfied because he is a jack of all trades

He has a very engaging way about him. He also gives great feedback and is very knowledgeable on the subject of feature writing

He was amazing! I would attend any course facilitated by him

The Magic of Feature Writing

From Tuesday 27 January 2015 - 08:45
To Thursday 29 January 2015 - 16:00
Location : Richmond, Jhb
Who to Contact : Gus Silber
Area of Concern: Writing Unit

You know how to find a good story and write it in a way that captures and commands the readers’ attention; but do you know how to write a story that really stands out as the feature attraction in your publication? A story that really tells a story, with all the drama, action, pace and shading of a motion picture? A story with rhythm, pace, and flair, that lingers in the memory like a song?

The course features:

  • A fresh approaches to planning and visualising your story, using the language of movies and the discipline of songwriting as inspiration
  • Useful tools and techniques for getting the most out of your interviews, and turning them into the threads of a compelling narrative
  • Tips and advice on Story Architecture, the art of structure and storytelling, including writing outruns that are as compelling as your intros
  • Pointers and guidance on ways to take your readers on a journey, keeping them guessing, leading them between the lines, and leaving them wanting to go back to the beginning and start all over again
  • Advice on colouring your story with character, action, and dialogue, and exploring the effects of shifts in tense, tone, and pace
  • Hints and how-tos on using all your senses to “get inside” a story, and writing it in a way that appeals to all the senses

Facilitator's Description:

Gus is an award-winning journalist, author, and scriptwriter. He started his career in journalism on the West Rand Times in Krugersdorp, and has worked as a feature writer for numerous publications, including the Star, the Sunday Times, Style Magazine, the Weekly Mail, and Frontline. He is an active blogger, impulsive tweeter, and analogue and digital technology fetishist. He has won awards for television criticism, feature writing, columns, and travel-writing.