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In 2020 the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism will host a variety of seminars and open houses. 

These seminars will be an open space for journalists, government officials and civil society groups to engage on issues that are critical for media development. The seminars and open houses are aimed at improving the reportage on issues and to fulfil the responsibility of the media to accurately inform the public on issues that matter most to them. 

One of the key seminars that will take place is the HEAT seminar or Hostile Environment Awareness Training. The thinking behind the seminar is to equip journalists with tools to navigate hostile environments. Very often, reporting on the story can take journalists into a dangerous situation. We bring in experts to explain what it takes to stay safe in the line of duty, physically and psychologically. The sessions will be robust and information to help journalists survive the story. 

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South Africa is gearing up to host the 2021 Local Government Elections despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this light the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) will be hosting a Series of Webinars with relevant stakeholders around election awareness.

This webinar series will assist multi-media Journalists to be better informed and enhance their existing knowledge, enabling them to report accurately during any election period and better inform their communities during the build up to the 2021 Local Government Elections.

Do you as a Journalist understand the mandates of the different organisations that are involved in making elections a success? Understanding the mandates and responsibilities thereof will enable you to report successfully during the elections.







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Reporting on Statelessness in South Africa
Individuals who are not considered citizens or nationals under the operation of the laws of any country. A person’s citizenship and nationality may be determined based on the laws of a country where an individual is born or where her/his parents were born. A person can also lose citizenship and nationality in a number of ways, including when a country ceases to exist or a country adopts nationality laws that discriminate against certain groups.
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